you are fascinating

I see you dreaming of having a brand and site that actually looks and feels like you. You're scrolling on Pinterest, saving ideas, dreaming, and maybe even considering doing it all on your own...DON'T!

I know you've got it in you...the wonder that is. All you need is someone to guide you through the process (that's me!).

it's time to tell your story.

the wonder creative experience

welcome to my peculiar little world

Hey, I'm Chloé!

I am super passionate about brand design. So passionate that I feel it is something very sacred to me. It's more than creating some nice visuals, or a's creating a whole world.

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My heart is to serve artists and to make them feel seen + heard for who they truly are so they can continue doing what they love.

Works of he{art}.

You shouldn't have to choose between a beautiful site and a strategic site.  It is possible to create an eye-catching art piece + major key to your business that attracts all those clients you dream of. It's all about keeping it intentional.

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It's as if she dove deep into my brain.

I was amazed each step of the way. It was like pulled out a vision that I couldn’t quite put together myself. The questions she asked, the ideas that she had and the results produced were everything I never even knew I wanted. She absolutely NAILED every aspect of my colors, fonts, graphics, layout. All of it! Every time she showed me something I felt that it screamed me, my personality, how I wanted others to see my business and it aimed directly at my ideal client.

jackie, jwild photography

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