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you may think I'm small but....

you may think I'm small but....

Hello there! My name is Pippin. I hope you're having a wonderful day! 

i'm here for your big ideas.

My greatest strength lies in my passion; not only for the work that I do but also in my ability to mirror the same enthusiasm each client brings to a project.

Hey, friend! I'm Chloé. I'm a visionary, enneagram 2w3, wife to the quirkiest most amazing husband, mama of the most amazing 2 year-old wondernaut, ultra space nerd, Broadway actress wannabe, Spotify playlist junkie, and your very own personal hype girl.

I began Wonder Creative as an absolutely terrified new mother of a 3 month old. I had just been laid off from my corporate marketing job and longed to design with meaning. I wanted to create awe-inspiring and intentional designs for brands that would be impactful for generations while also delivering a personal touch that was completely unique.

And after the most insane ride, that brings us to now. The part where I get to tell you that Wonder Creative is actively bringing brands to life for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Dreams DO come true! 

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so what's this chloé girl even about?

Fast facts comin in 3...2...1...

☆I can moonwalk.
☆i have a tattoo dedicated to phil collins on my left arm.
☆i enjoy playing piano and writing songs daily.
☆i broke up with my husband 4 times before we got married.
☆i'm short. like 5'0" short.
☆theatre kid for life! Love all things broadway/theatre.
☆I'm fascinated by space, the universe, astronomy, nasa...you get it.
☆i was once a (very pigeon-toed) ballerina.
☆I dream to one day swim with humpback whales. I love them so.

good question.

Okay, back to YOU.

You may be thinking, "Oh I get it. Chloé is the "wonder" in Wonder Creative. Cute!" Oh no no no, that's all you, girl. You may  not see it yet, but you already have everything you need to create a beautiful, eye-catching, stupid strategic, amaze balls brand. You just need a little guidance, a pinch of empowerment, and a whole bucket of permission to let your imagination run wild.

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