For the dreamer just getting started in a new venture.

For the visionary committed to crafting an experience.

For the innovator growing and scaling their business.

buckle up and get ready to

Does this sound like you:

First, let's get real for a sec...

Scrolling through countless fonts on Canva every time you need to make a post, send an email, or market your business in any way

Overwhelmed by all the latest branding trends and not sure what’s right for you

Struggling to maintain consistency across your website, social media, and marketing materials

Feeling like your current branding seriously undervalues your expertise

Leaning on generic templates to bandaid a problem when really you need an overall solution

What if you could:

so dream with me here...

Have everything you need at your fingertips when it's time to promote your business

Ditch trends and embrace a timeless and unique brand that resonates and grows with you as you evolve

Achieve seamless brand consistency across all your platforms to build brand recognition, trust, and credibility

Have a brand that speaks to the unique mission, vision, and values of your business and positions you as a leader in your industry

Move beyond templates to capture the true essence of you -- feeling disappointed by your brand presence is officially a thing of the past

Your unique needs and desires should not go unnoticed by your designer. That's why we have a selection of experiences for you to choose from that will work for you.

We're here to step in, build you up, and give you a clear path to your goals no matter what stage of business you are in.

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We begin our process by discovering more about you. Collaboration is magical. When you hire us, we partner WITH you. You bring the vision and heart, and we bring guidance, skill, and creativity that will help bring your vision to life. This is the recipe for beautiful and effective brand design!

We send over a series of homework items (like a branding exercise, Pinterest board...etc) to get us started and then from there we will meet to talk through all the details.


Vision + Mood Boards

Next we need a solid foundation/vision to keep us grounded in our creative process together.

We will put together a couple of mood boards with design directions that we feel could best fit for you + your business. You will choose which one feels most aligned, and then we'll start the next phase of our process: actually designing!



The part where it all starts coming together. We start designing your unique brand identity + virtual home. With each design draft we send over, you will receive 2 revision rounds. And don't worry -- we will give you some Feedback Guidelines in your Client Portal so you know how to give constructive + productive feedback every time.

Up next is the moment you've been waiting for...



The best part! We deliver all of your brand assets to you now that everything is approved, and you can start using your new branding right away!

You'll get brand guidelines, launch graphics, and a video tutorial of how to use + update your website on your own. We want you to feel empowered and excited to use what we've worked so hard on together!


step by step

our design process


never feel out of the loop

You get access to your own client portal full of project details, resources for your biz, FAQs, and more.

This process is meant to be exciting, fun, and transformative: and we're here to guide you every step of the way! You'll know exactly what's expected through your client portal + you have access to it forever!


The Mini-Brand

small but mighty branding
Done in a week



☆ Mood board
☆ Brand identity
☆ Brand worksheet in Notion
☆ 1 round of revisions

Tired of feeling held back by not having a way to represent your business the way you envision it? Maybe you have tried to create something on your own and it's just not clicking.

With The Mini Brand, we get you all the essentials to start promoting your business the way it should be, all curated with meaning and strategy AND in a week's time.

This is great for someone who has a clear vision and can make quick decisions!


or 30% deposit + 2 payments of $700

The Mini-Brand



☆ A Showit Landing page with freebie email opt-in creation (PDF designed in Canva + setup in Mailchimp)
☆ Canva Hub Setup
☆ 1 round of revisions

The power of The Mini Brand upgraded to include a stunning landing page for your customers/clients.

Have you been wanting to send your audience somewhere to learn more about you, book a service, or maybe start building your email list (which is way more reliable than social...btw). With this service, you'll get everything in The Mini Brand plus:


or 30% deposit + 3 payments of $816

For the dreamer just getting started in a new venture.



The WonderBRAND




Do you cringe when sharing your website with potential clients? 🥴 Are you tired of spending countless hours on social media with a limited audience reach only to have your content expire every 24 hours? Ahhhhh this is so frustrating and we totally get it.

With this package, we focus on curating a visual identity that feels like you, and take it a step further by applying it through a captivating and impactful website so you don't have to rely on fickle social media platforms. You can have peace of mind that something is working for you in the background + feel confident sending people to a website that accurately communicates your message so you book more clients.

☆ Mood Board(s)
☆ Brand Positioning
☆ Brand Visual Identity (logos, colors, fonts)
☆ Brand Guidelines

☆ Showit Website
☆ Copywriting Support
☆ SEO Optimization
☆ Email opt-in setup
☆ Launch Graphic + Video Tutorial

☆ Biz cards
☆ your choice of 1 additional marketing
collateral piece:
social template bundle, client guide, or PDF email opt-in freebie creation

☆ 2 rounds of revisions


OR 30% deposit + 4 payments of $1,225

For the visionary committed to crafting an experience.



creative partnership

90 min 1:1 session with me

our powers combined

Book now

submit project

Maybe you've invested in courses. Maybe you're constantly research and consuming business content, but really have no idea what tips and advice to apply first. I understand your pain! I've been there.

I'm happy to jump in and hear where you're at + work with you to find the solution. In these 1:1 sessions, my goal is to guide you on making decisions that work for what you want to accomplish, whether it's building your brand presence or growing your business.

These are also good sessions to book if you just want to pick my brain. 😉

Have a project you want our hands + brains on? We want to partner with you to see it come to life!

This service is specifically for those CUSTOM projects like launches, brand pivots, full-service rebrands, and more. If you just can't see how to execute the vision, we're here to join forces with you and be your guide.

Submit your project to apply!

For the innovator growing and scaling their business.

$300 per session

inquire for pricing


I'm ready

Ditch the overwhelm and let's create a brand that's as unique and amazing as you are!

1. How do I pay? Do you offer payment plans?

You'll pay by credit card through my CRM, Honeybook. And yes! We have payment plans available. We collect a 30% deposit upfront, and then the rest of the payments can be split for the duration of your project. Payments will be auto-drafted on the same day every month so you can plan.

Please reach out to use if you need a more custom payment plan and we will try to work with you.

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2. What if I want to make changes to my site after our project is done?

We deliver an in-depth tutorial with all of our website projects so you know exactly how to update key info on your website on your own.

Additionally, we are always available for support if you need us. Showit also has amazing resources + customer service! One of the reasons why I love them so much.

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3. What files will I receive?

For branding, you’ll receive: EPS, PNG & SVG files. These will all be delivered in all of your brand colors plus anything else I know you’ll need. All of your files will be uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder. You'll find an explanation of these file types in your Offboarding section of your Client Portal.

If you have a website package, you will receive a tutorial on how to update your site on your own.

Some packages also include additional files like PDF guides, social templates, biz cards, etc. and all of these are delivered in Canva for easy update + exporting on your end.

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4. How many revisions do I get?

There are usually two revision rounds per design. If you need more, you can purchase additional revisions for $200 (no one has ever needed to do this though 🙂).

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5. How long to projects usually take?

We have some options here. The Mini Brand is a 1-week intensive. If you upgrade to the bundle, it's 2 weeks.

The Wonder Working Brand + Site typically takes ~8-12 weeks.

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6. What makes Wonder Creative different from other design agencies?

Some design agencies really only care about one thing: making a buck. They force their own ideas + take a project and run with it without valuing your feedback and collaboration.

However, we truly care about the integrity of the overall project and have a wholehearted approach in all we do. We want to work *with* you so you always feel a part of what we create together. Additionally, we don't JUST focus on design or JUST focus on strategy. We have an equal appreciation and expertise in both areas. We begin diving into your mission, vision, values, purpose...and then we use design to make those parts of you shine.

We want you to stand out and be successful, and we will always contend for that!

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7. How involved will I be during the design process?

We really value collaboration. We ask that you help us get started by filling out a Branding Exercise that allows us to get inside your brain, pin inspos on Pinterest, and provide feedback along the way.

This ensures that we don't get to the end of the project with you. feeling dissatisfied with what we've created. While we want you to be surprised at how amazing your final product is, we don't want you to be totally shocked. It should almost be expected. Our touch points along the way should give you a good idea of what the final product will be like!

With all this said, we do ask that you come into a project with an open mind + trust and allow us to do what we do best.

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8. Can I see some examples of your work?

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9. Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes! We love when clients return to us to expand their branding or website. We are happy to jump in and support you through your entire business journey. You've got us for life!

Simply email us when you need us.

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10. What happens after I inquire?

We will get an email with your form submission and reach out within 24 hours to schedule a call with you! After that, we will send over a proposal for you to review. You'll be able book, review our contract, and pay.

After that, we will onboard you into your Client Portal where you will go through homework items, review project details, explore resources, and more!

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